Fix Dell perc h730 mini not converting to HBA mode

Recently I ran into an issue on a Dell R630 with a perc h730 mini not switching to HBA mode. I got the error message of “The requested operation is not possible at this time.”

While working on the issue I tried things such as resetting the controller back to factory settings, removing the disks from the system, made sure firmware was up to date, etc. (All the stuff Dell’s EMC support would likely tell me to try, and I dread needing to call in on a system that only has a standard support contract and not pro support.) I discovered the issue, an existing security key was blocking the operation.

Please note, the following steps assume you do not have any encrypted disks you wish to access the data on, deleting the security key will erase the data on the affected disks.

In order to resolve this issue perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that all disks are configured as “non raid” disks.
  2. Load up the idrac console and navigate to storage > controllers > setup.
  3. Under “security key” select “delete security key”.
  4. Choose “Apply at reboot” then chose apply.
  5. Reboot the system.
  6. After a reboot enter into the controller setup menu. You should now be able to convert the controller to HBA mode.

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