Migrating to VRRPv3 with no downtime.

In the process of deploying ipv6 to my data centers colocation services I had to move from VRRP to VRRPv3 across a pair of Cisco nexus 93180 switches. Below is the configuration I did to get up and running with no downtime to my network. NX00 and NX01 will be used as the switch names through this post.

First things first, take a copy of your running config for reference with a sh run and save it somewhere as we will be blowing away our VRRP information on 1 switch at a time. I’d also highly recommend running a copy run start on your switches before going further in case you need to easily roll back the changes. Don’t do both routers at the same time, you will loose your network!

With that out the way, let’s get started on NX00. First we need to disable vrrp and enable vrrpv3:

NX00# conf t
NX00(config)# no feature vrrp
NX00(config)# feature vrrpv3

Now in my setup, I use vrrp addressing on my uplinks, as well as my VLAN interfaces. Below is the configuration I’ll do for each vlan and interface.

NX00(config)# int vlan 100
NX00(config-if)# vrrp 100 address-family ipv4
NX00(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# address primary
NX00(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# description server net def gateway
NX00(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# priority 150
NX00(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# vrrpv2
NX00(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# no shut
  • Address: Set the vrrp address. I set the primary address and will then add secondary addresses as needed.
  • Vrrp2: This enables support for VRRP2, while this isn’t a full implementation, I used this to allow me to upgrade to vrrpv3 across both switches without any downtime, and then removed it afterwards.

I performed the above configuration for all my vrrp configured interfaces. Now its time to get started on NX01.

NX01# conf t
NX01(config)# no feature vrrp
NX01(config)# feature vrrpv3

NX01(config)# int vlan 100
NX01(config-if)# vrrp 100 address-family ipv4
NX01(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# address primary
NX01(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# description server net def gateway
NX01(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# priority 120
NX01(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# vrrpv2
NX01(config-if-vrrpv3-group)# no shut

Once it’s completed, verify your settings using sh vrrp b:

NX00# sh vrrp b
Interface Grp A-F Pri Time Own Pre State Master addr/Group addr 
Vlan100 100 IPv4 150 0 N Y MASTER

This allowed me to move from VRRP2 to VRRPv3 with no downtime for my servers and allowed me to get ipv6 support for VRRP. My suggestion for anyone looking into deploying VRRP is to just use vrrpv3 from the get go and don’t have to re-do your work later.

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